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SAT Prep in the Time of Covid19

We have all been impacted by Covid19, directly and indirectly, and in ways large and small.  It has changed the course of our lives educationally and it has impacted our mental health, even if we have not been touched by it physically.  For many, SAT prep is the furthest thing from their minds -and that is okay.  But life goes on.  For sophomores and juniors, now is the time to seriously think about college.  Many colleges have moved to test optional policies, but this doesn’t mean what many think it means.


Colleges are judged based on how selective they are.  There are only two ways to become more selective:  accept less people or get more people to apply.  Accepting less people is not an option, because it means less money.  So many of a college’s business decisions are best understood from the perspective of, “how do we get more people to apply.”  So picture the decision makers, around a large conference table.  They ask, why do people not apply?  Because they don’t think they would get in.  Why don’t they think they would get in?  Because they have really bad SAT scores.  Et voila!  Test optional policies are born.  The truth is, that the overwhelming majority of students who do not submit scores to competitive schools are not admitted…schools just assume their scores would have been bad if submitted and reject them acordingly.  Students who are admitted without scores are the truly exceptional, who would have been admitted even with really bad scores.


Bottom line:  in many ways, high SAT scores are more important than ever.  They can get you into colleges you wouldn’t have gotten into otherwise, and for some even more importantly, get you significant scholarships at schools that would otherwise be unaffordable.  The good news, is that the SAT is a conquerable, beatable test.  With the right coach.  And that’s where I come in.

Contact me today for information about virtual SAT classes and/or one on one coaching.  Much is on hold in the time of Covid19, but getting closer to your college dreams doesn’t have to be.

Josh Aronovitch


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