Aronovitch Coaching Experience

Meet Jamie

LSAT Coaching with Aronovitch Coaching Experience

Josh Aronovitch is an incredible, dynamic LSAT coach.  He taught strategies that made a dramatic impact on my LSAT score.  I went from wondering if law school was in the cards for me based on my score to consistently doing well enough that I was able to get into an excellent law school.  
Josh broke down each section and type of question in the LSAT so that it felt manageable — like a challenge that could be conquered with the right approach.  Initially, the logic games section felt particularly daunting to me.  Josh taught me how to look at the logic games section and tackle each problem.  On test day, I felt confident that if I applied the strategies taught by Josh that I would score well.

In addition, Josh is kind and approachable, taking time before and after class to answer individual questions.  I credit Josh with not only making law school accessible to me, but for setting in motion my career as a lawyer.  Josh boosted my confidence and made me feel that my vision of being a lawyer was truly within reach.  From law school, I obtained an Associate position in a large law firm.  If you are searching for a teacher who can guide you toward what you are truly capable of, look no further than Josh Aronovitch. -Jamie

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